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I am a Management Accountant Consultant for the Government of Bermuda. I am a sincere, honest, hardworking mother of two wonderful boys aged 20 and 12. The eldest is currently at university studying theatre/performing arts in England, the youngest is working hard as he is determined to be the best pilot there ever was flying the Boeing 777. He is bullied and picked on because he knows what he wants and won't participate in their silly little games. He is tall and handsome so they try to say he is the one causing trouble. But faith has a way of showing itself in mysterious ways and they are being found out one by one. I won't lie it has been a struggle, it has been a hard life but, my dreams have kept me going. I believed in myself and my worth. I told myself if I don't love me how can I possibly love somebody else? When you have unity and commitment at home ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Look at Barack Obama!

I have so many secrets to share with you and if you like the suggestions you are welcome to participate. I am a fun loving, live your life for today person. I don't worry, I don't stress and I smile all the time whether I am tired or its been a long hard day. I am just glad I got through it. Life is too short to worry about petty things. I have so much I want to do, accomplish, and achieve. It makes me feel good that I can help people.

It's safe to say the global economy is in turmoil and people are restricting themselves in all aspects of their lives so as to survive the current economic crisis; however, restricting one's ability and opportunity to grow so as to become a more prosperous person due to a restricted mindset is a form of economic suicide. In essence, people are fearful of the uncertainty within the current economic market and have implemented a bunker mentality, which is designed to protect themselves and their assets until this calamity is over. Unfortunately, a reactive pattern of thinking (mindset) that is significantly influenced by external factors is a mindset with no plan to solve the problem and leads to restrictive growth better known as bankruptcy. Do you have a mindset that is bankrupt and if yes, why? What do you tell yourself during challenging times and situations? Bankrupt thoughts are negative in content and manifest themselves in feelings of fear, anger or helplessness.

Now, the millionaire mindset consists of thoughts of prosperity and more importantly, what is the solution to a problem and how do I implement it as soon as possible? Are you ready to learn the importance of developing a Millionaire Mindset, that is focused of providing solutions to economic challenges that people globally are experiencing? If yes, then, I invite you to learn more about our business model. Email me and I will forward the information on to you.

May your SUCCESS, become greater than your dreams. Invest in yourself, because you are the greatest asset you have in your life!

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Comment by Maxine Stephenson on February 6, 2009 at 4:22am
You are so right in what you say. Fear can be debilitating, and being fearful of the economic crisis we are in the midst of is paralyzing. In times like this it is necessary to look "outside the square" and to think of positive ways to extend oneself and grow. Perhaps this crisis will cause people to think of how they can benefit other people and give more effective service; to treat their customers and colleagues with a caring mindset, instead of concentrating on the greed that has been seen in the past few years. I believe it will be those who build better relationships within their business and personal lives; treat people with value instead of just a number, who will flourish in these times. Those who don't will see their businesses perish.
Warm regards
Comment by Joy Brooks on February 9, 2009 at 4:43am
I loved your blog, you have got a great understanding and are willing to share with others. I am a strong believer in sharing what works with other entrepreneurs. If we are going to be successful in business and life, we are going to have to obtain and maintain a positive mindset and put what we learn to work for ourselves and others... Again thank you for sharing...

To Your Greatest Life Success,
Joy Brooks, Online Business & Marketing Mentor
Comment by Murugan on February 15, 2009 at 1:01pm
May your SUCCESS, become greater than your dreams. Invest in yourself, because you are the greatest asset you have in your life!

Thanks, I liked it very much.




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