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Sudden Heart Attacks Linked To HBP Drugs...

Did you know that 60% of heart attack victims DO NOT have clinical high blood pressure levels?

Yet, the fact that 40% of heart attack victims DO have high blood pressure still shows a clear link between sudden heart attacks and HBP . . .

Having HBP is definitely a tell-tale "sign" you are at high risk of heart attack and your odds of developing heart
disease is substantially greater. Similar to having a fever (high body temperature), high blood pressure is only
an indicator that there is something wrong!

It is important to know that heart attacks and heart disease are NOT caused by high blood pressure. Still, too many of us are under the false impression that treating a symptom (HBP) is the same as treating the cause.

However, it is vital to keep your blood pressure under control by determining the reason(s) why your BP levels are
elevated and then naturally treating the source of the problem to normalize your blood pressure.

Just because your blood pressure reading was high at your doctor's office surely does not mean you have to immediately run off to take drugs for HBP.

In fact, many people are misdiagnosed with HBP - In some cases a high blood pressure reading is actually due to
something called "White Coat Hypertension". This is common phenomenon triggered by psychological factors, such as the fear of doctors.

Another common problem is doctors and nurses often use an arm cuff that is too small, which can give an incorrect high blood pressure reading. "A survey showed that 96% of primary care physicians habitually use a cuff size too small." (Thomas G Pickering, 1994).

My whole point is to learn how to "truly care" for your own health and well being, before you just jump into following
the recommendations of someone else, doctor or not. Especially when it comes to taking HBP drugs, which may be
linked to increased risk of sudden heart attacks.

People who develop heart disease normally have several common factors that are present before HBP becomes apparent. Below are 7 possible causes of the inflammation problem that can lead to elevated blood pressure:

1. Dehydration
2. High blood calcium levels
3. High blood sugar levels
4. Calcification of arterial linings
5. Neurogenic abnormalities
6. Vitamin D deficiency
7. Magnesium deficiency

NOTE: No where in all the evidence-based research available have I found where a drug deficiency is the cause of HBP, heart disease, or heart attack.

If taking drugs was the solution wouldn't you think that less people would be dying from heart attacks these days?
Yet, sudden death is still all around us . . .

And why are people with NORMAL blood pressure developing heart disease and having heart attacks? The fact is that HBP drugs are only good for lowering blood pressure, and do not reduce your risk of heart attack or heart disease.

If you are clinically diagnosed with HBP, you need to work with your doctor to keep a watchful eye on it . . . However,
just because HBP drugs may keep your blood pressure controlled chemically, doesn’t mean the risks are gone.

There is no magic pill that is going to cure you by treating "the effect" or "the symptom" of a serious core health issue. Drugs do not work with your body to cure sickness or disease; they only chemically control parts without helping the whole person at all.

There is no doubt about it, high blood pressure is one of the signs that you may be at high risk for heart attack and
heart disease . . . But, if your heart is weakened and your arteries are damaged you need to know WHY.

By understanding why, you are several steps ahead of current western medicine. Your body has a natural ability to heal and correct itself, without harmful drugs. Some call it an inner wisdom, or innate intelligence, all you need to do is commit to work with it . . .

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