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Shocking Truth About High Blood Pressure Revealed

Hypertension, high blood pressure or systemic inflammation, by whatever name you call it, is a symptom that your
health is going downhill faster than it should.

Are you frustrated by the lack of common sense these days? I sure am. It seems a lot of people are buying into this
“take a pill for everything” religion.

It really is quite sad if you think about it.

The problem is many people don’t think about it all the way through; they go into it half way and make a convenient
conclusion about it.

I suppose if you really are not willing to live as an example of health and wellness, you will simply have to be
an example of disease and suffering.

Either way you are an example.

The people who set the best examples in life are naturally people who care about their own health.

Can you see the dilemma inherent in our popular behavior, in our culture of contradiction? The fact is no one really
appreciates his or her health until it is gone, or going fast.

It is NOT your fault. You were told to believe the doctor, or believe his magic pills will save you. So, why would it
matter what you do? You’re covered, right?

In truth, only you can truly be responsible for your health and wellness.

It does not matter how rich, busy or famous you are. If you lose grip of your health, you will spend every minute and
every dollar trying to get it back.

Frankly, you have to be insane to continue to do things that harm your health. When a child is taught the value of
good health, when he or she becomes an adult they will not wander from those values. Those values become ingrained into his or her character.

Most everyone you meet these days was conditioned by the commercialization of his or her childhood. Consumerism is the new culture of the world.

Is it acceptable if you have high blood pressure to just pop a pill? Why not? I mean it should be okay because
someone else told you it’s okay, right?

Wrong. It doesn’t matter if it is a doctor, a priest or the president of the U.S.; it’s a “drug.” What more
do I have to say?

Sure, it might make you feel better because you are “doing what you were told,” but that doesn’t change
the facts.

High blood pressure and heart disease are NOT related to a drug deficiency . . .

No one can care for your high blood pressure better than you can. Even the doctor needs to be doctored, the priest
needs to be saved and the president needs to be advised. So, why should they be experts of what you do best for

High blood pressure is a signal, a symptom and a sign that you need to stop doing harm to your body. Blocking that
symptom is pure insanity. But if you have bought into the ways of allopathic, orthodox and westernized medicine, then that is what you should do: whatever makes you happy. If you want to continue down that road, then I guess that is what drugs are for.

Now, if you want to turn your life around and get to the root of things, you will need to take real action. To
overcome your negative childhood programming, it will take a little will power to get back on track. But if you are
ready to be your heart’s best friend, you can have a personal revolution. Or, perhaps you have already had one.

Feel free to stand on the shoulders of all the self determined people who came before you and learn from their
struggles and victories. It is your rightful inheritance! There are millions of people just like you willing to help
guide and point the way to real change. But it is all about being your own light and taking control of your own health.

Everyone else is simply a reminder that you are on the correct pathway.

High blood pressure is triggered from the silent onset of heart disease, which is triggered by systemic or total
inflammation, as is diabetes and cancer and many other degenerative diseases. Do not think because you are self
determined that you are alone. On the contrary, when you accept the propaganda of popular consumerism you are really isolating yourself from mama Nature, without any recourse at all and that can get lonely.

People who have genuine care for their own health and wellness naturally care more for others. This is a fact.
The miracle of transforming your life and your health comes from total commitment of living right.

You can be a health magnet!

You cannot go half way into anything and expect any real benefit . . . you need to be determined to go all the way,
to be completely healthy and whole again.

I am here to be the best example possible for you. Some people call it “paying it forward.” I call it an
extraordinary enthusiasm for life.

I fell off the path more than once and every time I did, I met other isolated, people suffering from heart disease,
high blood pressure and all of it. Now that I have had my own healing experience, I want to share my story and offer
a hand to anyone who desires positive radical change.

The science is out; the evidence is in: High blood pressure is NOT a disease! It is a symptom of a reversible

Today modern scientists and doctors bear witness to the wisdom of natural remedies and the ancient healers who used them. If you are concerned about high blood pressure, you should be. But, here is a caveat: 60% of people who have heart attacks do not have high blood pressure. That means they did not get a warning.

That is why systemic inflammation is so dangerous. Address your invisible inflammation and you can prevent
heart disease. Do not wait for a sign! If you have the signs of high blood pressure, by all means please do not ignore
it or block it with drugs. Find out what is causing it and stop it!

Yes, there are a few people in the heart disease “bell curve” that benefit from drugging their body. I am not
saying to ignore medical advice, altogether. I am simply saying there are proven scientific, ancient and natural
ways to reverse risk of heart disease without drugs or surgery.

I am saying to question “everything” and be your body’s own last authority, because you already are
anyway. So, get into your health - totally!

Millions of people on high blood pressure medication are dropping dead all around us every year from heart attack
and stroke. So, please know: this need NOT be.

Get into your health whole-heartedly, not just half way.

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