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Thank you for accepting in your group, my name is victor miranda Tiens International distributor and I'm from Venezuela. Thanks to globalization and the technological advances of today we can say we have no communication barriers or boundaries, on behalf of the Family Tiens America now comprises the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Bolivia will soon let me congratulate you on this space that unites Tiens other regions in the world, we are one the most successful of recent times and we are more than 200 countries and our motto should be increasingly high .
Victor Miranda
Tiens Independent Distributor
A 5 stars

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Dear Victor,

How you became an independent distributor. Is an independent distributor is allowed to sell worldwide. How you arrange drop shipment?

Please advise. Regards
Dear family,
TIENS, our business opportunity for HEALTH and WEALTH is a golden opportunity for our dreams come true.
We are now in LEBANON, flying in the wonderfull world of TIENS.
Thank you Mr. Li Jinuyan for opening this opportunity for all the world

Eng. Medhat Hallab
TIENS Distributor
Congret to all tiens Family
Hi, my esteemed partner Victor Miranda, greets you from Mexico Laura Nelly Fernández Mier, and I'm very excited to be part of this great family Tiens in the Middle East. Currently belong to the Alliance of Leaders of America, and if you like you can register and enter the page, and there you will be informed as you can enter the talks from Monday to Friday 8:30 pm Venezuela time, for you people skills and knowledge of the 7 Latin American countries. Currently the president of the Alliance is the leading Venezuelan 8 stars Juan Carlos Ferraz, and we will be happy to have your participation. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010.
Hola mi apreciable socio Víctor Miranda, te saluda desde México Laura Nelly Fernández Mier, y estoy muy contenta de formar parte de esta gran Familia Tiens en el Medio Oriente. Actualmente pertenezco a la Alianza de Líderes de América, y si gustas puedes inscribirte e ingresar a la página, y allí te informarán como puedes ingresar a las pláticas de Lunes a Viernes horario de Venezuela 8:30 p.m., para que te capacites y conocas gente de los 7 países latinoamericanos. Actualmente el presidente de la Alianza es el Venezolano líder 8 estrellas Juan Carlos Ferraz, y nos dará mucho gusto contar con tu participación. Felíz navidad y próspero año nuevo 2010.
Hi Victor.. im Tiens member also..
Nice to meet you on this site..


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