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On October 1, 2009 WFDSA CEO Council and guests visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

On October 1, 2009 WFDSA CEO Council and guests visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

On October 1, 2009 WFDSA CEO Council and guests visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In honor of the occasion, Andrea Jung, WFDSA Chairman and Chairman and CEO of Avon Products, rang The Opening Bell.

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This is great news for the industry. It shows that we are a force of prosperity for all.
I hope to see the DSA of the UAE ringing the closing bell of the Stock Markets of Abu Dhabi and Dubai here in the UAE soon.

I have great feelings of joy seeing this, thank you so much Niousha for this...

Hi Moustafa,

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Its very good news and hope this will bring us more confident to do our network in UAE, as well as new hope to the DSEI.
My main concern to the DSEI is how you will control to the other Net worker company which is not under the DSEI. Because i have lost 3500 USD investing in to the My video talk the network company but i have not get any thing, Like me how many people will become member in this company and lost so many USD..... As a DSEI member im applying to DSEI take necessary step to control this kind of activities in UAE
Dear Rajan, Thank you for sharing your concern. The reality is that even in very matured markets like US and Europe there are still companies that cheat people and whom do not have a good intention. Think of Madoff case for example - that was a ponzi scheme but still I would like to say that it did happen and it happened in US so conning people happend around the world.

But what we have been doing through DSEI here in the UAE is raising awareness and educating people on the differences between legitimate companies and pyramid schemes. I agree, we still need to do more education and we need to put our hands together to acheive this. So please do share this type of stories here as it can also help educate others so they dont get harmed.

Moustafa has been a great contributor in this regards to help spread awareness so I am sure you and many others can help do the same.
Thank you Niousha Ehsan i hope this matter will not close here.......................



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