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What is the differences between legitimate Direct Selling and illegal Pyramid Schemes?

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which company are you with?


Well a legitimate company would be members of the Direct Selling Association and possibly the DSEI.  The only company that I know that are members of both of these prestigious companies is Talk Fusion Global.  Talk Fusion Global is currently in 85 countries and was just featured in Forbes, Fox News, and USA Today.  For more information visit: or call 1-888-716-6343 and ask for John A. Barnes - International Sales Manager...

This 2 companies is banned in Norway  as illegal:


Wealth Masters International



I've not personally looked into their structure 



Who can verify the rules for network marketing in the UAE.
Can a person work in any network marketing company while located in the UAE? 
What does it take for a company to operate here. Licence, office etc?

Sadly no one have been able to answer any of my question regarding the laws, except from saying that network marketing is illegal unless the companies has a special approval from the UAE government to operate here.

Please come with the answers in writing and not guessing. This is the direct selling site. Some one must know if we as independent people can join a world wide company while living in the UAE.

Dear All, I have a question regarding the establishment of such establishment like Direct selling company in the UAE.

Shall the selling agents who works for the direct selling company be employee of the same or are they independant?

Indeed the Labour law regulations put restrictions on employer who conduct their activities within the UAE Mainland.


Hi Mohamed.

In general you as an individual will not be employed by the Direct Selling company. You will always be an independent distributor. Unless of course you are working as normal employee in the the company office or something like that.
I have spend a long time trying to find the local rules here and it is very difficult for some unknown reason.
I have learnt the following after reading the labour law, talking with people from DSEI and also been certified Direct Seller by DSEI.

1. The Direct Selling company you want to be involved in must have a legit trading license in the UAE. They also need an office in theUAE.
There are for the time being no Direct Selling Association in the UAE which makes many things difficult for us. I am told that an association is being created.

2. You as a person are not allowed to sell a product to the end user unless you yourself have licence to do so, which is very expensive and difficult to get. Therefore you cannot sell products directly to customers but you can sign them up as independent distributors or customers of the company and receive commission according to the pay plan in the specific company.

3. Be cautious. If your company is not correct registered and not having license you can get in serious trouble marketing the company and products. The police have arrested several people holding meeting to recruit new members to companies without license.

Therefore be sure that the company you represent is legal and I advise you also to take the DSEI certification so you have a ID card to show the police if needed.

4. Most work in Network Marketing and Direct Selling is as part-time. In the UAE you need a sponsor to be here or have your own investor Visa. Be sure your part time networking do not conflict with your employer/sponsor.

If you are looking to bring a new company into the UAE you must be sure to find legal advise first. The consequenses of doing something wrong is hard.

I don't know if it answers some of your question.

Feel free to contact me if you think I can be a help.


Dear Mr Montaseri,

Answering your primary question.


Trusts above assists,

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